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25 Fun and Unique Pie Boxes To Make This Summer

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When it comes to entertaining, there’s nothing quite like a pie party. And with summer right around the corner, why not consider throwing a pie party of your own? Not only is it a fun way to get to know your friends better, but it’s also a great way to show off your culinary skills. To make things even more fun, consider picking up some fun and unique pie boxes to put your pies in. From quilt pie boxes to geometric pie boxes, there’s something for everyone. So get creative this summer and throw a fantastic pie party!

Prepping Your Pie Boxes

This summer, get creative with your pies! Here are some fun and unique pie boxes to make that will not only look great on your kitchen counter but will also keep your pies safe and appetizing during transport.

1. Paint a fun design on a pie box lid with acrylic paint or a permanent marker.

2. Use fabric or foam core to create a custom pie box shape. Cut out pieces of the material to fit around the outside of the pie box frame, then glue them in place.

3. Drill small holes in the bottom of the pie box so water can seep through while it’s baking, then cover them with aluminum foil when you’re ready to serve the pies.

4. Transform an old gift container into a perfect storage spot for your pies by cutting off the top and bottom of the container, then sanding it smooth before painting it any color you like. Glue fabric or foam core to the inside of both sides of the lid, then cut out a “pie window” to fit over the opening.

Assembling Your Pie Boxes

Making pies is a popular activity during the summertime, and there are many unique pie boxes that you can make to accommodate your favorite recipes. Here are some ideas for pie boxes that you can make this summer:

1. Bee-hive Pie Box: This pie box is made from a cardboard bee hive template that you can download from Cyclopean Cottage. You will need to cut out the pieces and then fold them in half to create the base of the hive. Glue the templates together and then cut out a hole in the top for your pie crust.

2. The Toilet Paper Roll Cake Box: This fun pie box is made from a toilet paper roll tube template that you can download from A Pretty Life in The Suburbs. You will need to punch 2 holes on opposite ends of the tube, and then glue it together around the middle. After it’s assembled, cut out a hole in the top for your pie crust.

3. The Lollipop Pie Box: This fun pie box is made from an empty lollipop wrapper template that you can find online or at most craft stores. You will need to remove the wrapper creases and then cut out a circle shape to fit inside your desired pie crust size (either 9 inches or 12 inches). Glue or tape it securely into place inside your pie crust before baking it!

4. The Polka Dot Pie Box: This colorful pie box is made from an

Serving and Enjoying Your Pie

Looking for a fun and unique way to serve your pies this summer? Check out some of these pie box ideas!

1. DIY pie box oven: This clever idea uses an old pie crust dough tin as an oven, perfect for baking pies straight from the box!

2. Pie party favor boxes: These adorable boxes are perfect for giving away at your next pie-themed party! Fill them with everything from apple pie to chocolate cream pie.

3. Hot Pinkberry pie box: This striking hot pink design features sweet and tart berry pies inside a pretty little box. Perfect for any summer gathering!

4. Strawberry shortcake pie in a cake pop tin: This fun and festive design feature layers of strawberry shortcake cake in a delicious popsicle-style tin. Simply remove the popsicles when you’re ready to eat your dessert!

5. Lemon bars in a candy dish: This colorful and eye-catching design features layers of lemon bar goodness inside a vintage candy dish. Just like grandma used to make!

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Looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your summer pie? Check out these pie box ideas

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