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Guest House Amenities That Will Impress Your Guests

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Regardless of why a visitor chooses to stay with you, the experiences and services your hotel provides May significantly impact the growth of your business. In light of this, we have compiled a list of amenities that are avalible in Guest House in Kampala.

Hotel guests remain for some reason. Some are business travelers in need of a place to relax between meetings. Others are tourists in search of neighboring tourist sites. Some are event organizers and participants in town for a conference or convention. First, however, let’s begin by learning more about hotel facilities.

What Do Guest House Amenities Entail?

Amenities are desirable or helpful features or facilities of a structure or location. There are several possibilities for hotels. Items like toiletries and personal care supplies, such as hair dryers and shaving cream, should be available in each room. In addition to complimentary breakfast, coffee, and tea-making facilities, a mini-refrigerator and a mini-fridge are often anticipated.

Why Do Guest House Facilities Matter?

It’s all about the hotel customer experience, and amenities go a long way toward enhancing the enjoyment of a guest’s stay. Not only are the below-listed Guest Houses are a great way to “wow” your visitors, but they may also be used as a selling feature and included in your hotel’s marketing plan.

Snack Baskets Infused With Regional Taste

Offer guests a sense of your community by equipping the rooms with food and beverages from local businesses. It allows you to promote the uniqueness of your location while pleasing customers with fun freebies.

And it’s a fantastic opportunity to promote and support local small businesses. If you have a grab-and-go snack station in your lobby or coffee shop, offer other, more substantial local food and drink alternatives for purchase.

Cowering Areas or Room-Based Workplaces

During their stay, business travelers, event participants, and planners may need to do work. Therefore, provide welcoming and open cowering spaces for folks who enjoy working in a coffee shop environment. Ensure that certain rooms have workstations for people who like to work in a private, quiet place.

Borrowing Wardrobes

If you are located in a location with many hiking trails or are known for outdoor activities, offer your customers complimentary or low-cost outdoor equipment.

Include hiking boots, windbreakers, fishing rods, and daypacks in a lending closet. Consider offering canoe or kayak rentals, mountain bikes, and tennis racquets if appropriate for your location and visitors’ needs.

Guest House Equipment & Courses

In-room exercise choices provide customers with the convenience and security of working out in their rooms. For instance, the Five Feet to Exercise program at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner includes in-room fitness alternatives, including a stationary cycle, high-intensity interval training stations, and a fitness kiosk with yoga sessions and workout videos.

Culinary Courses

Consider conducting culinary lessons with your Guest House’s chefs or partnering with nearby restaurants and inviting their cooks to teach a class at your hotel.

Guest House

Class choices include private, group, and open enrollment with a maximum capacity.

Special Deals

Offer guests something they cannot obtain elsewhere. Then, they present discounts and packages based on their specific interests, such as coupons for their favorite retailers and specials at places they may love.

Or, plan complimentary walking tours or bar crawls to introduce hotel visitors to the top attractions within walking distance.

Gratuitous Books & Films

Consider providing complementary book and movie rentals for visitors interested in something other than board games or computer games but still need alternative in-room entertainment.

Deliver a complimentary container of freshly-popped popcorn or stock the room with the ingredients for movie snacks if you want to bring extra cheer.

Outdoor Eating or Rooftop Bars

It is tempting to many people if you can create outside seating, a poolside bar, or a rooftop bar or restaurant. It is especially true given the persistent concerns about the safety of indoor dining.

Rooftop bars are popular in metropolitan locations and may persuade more people to dine at your hotel rather than seek another restaurant.

Thematic City Trips

Consider arranging themed or bespoke city excursions depending on the interests of your vacationing visitors to accommodate them.

For example, it offers cuisine excursions, craft beer tours, happy hours, dining experiences, historical walks and sites, boutiques and stores, and all the major attractions.

Wrapping It Up

Do not settle for the expected. Go above expectations. Provide facilities that guests will remember, promote on social media, and tell their friends about.

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