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Levi’s Height: How Tall is Levi In Attack on Titan?

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In this digital age, brands are constantly looking for new ways to reach their audience. With so many consumers having access to brand-specific social media pages, it’s no longer enough for companies to merely have a website. Instead, they must find new and engaging ways to attract viewers and create interactive experiences that keep them coming back for more. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the fashion world recently, you may have noticed that popular anime characters have begun making frequent appearances in the collections of major designers.

From Vetements’ take on Mickey Mouse to Gucci Ghost’s Pokemon collaboration, it seems like everyone is eager to team up with beloved characters from Japanese cartoons. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that one of the industry’s most recognizable names took things one step further and released an entire collection inspired by Attack on Titan. But what’s even more impressive is that Levi’s partnership with the popular series has exceeded all expectations. Moreover, this article will explore the history of Levi’s attack on the Titan collection in greater depth. So you can understand its impact on both brands individually as well as collaborations as a whole moving forward!

Release Date and Price

The Levi’s x Attack on Titan collection was first unveiled during Paris Fashion Week in January 2019. Although the official release date was not publicized, the clothing items were available to purchase online as early as February. As fashion collaborations go, the price points for Levi’s x AOT collection were surprisingly reasonable. The most expensive item was the coated zip-hoodie at €129.90, or approximately $150. By comparison, Gucci Ghost x Pokemon’s T-shirt retailed for a whopping $400. The Levi x AOT collection was offered in a wide range of products, including coats, hoodies, shirts, pants, shorts, and more. With so many items available, there was definitely something for everyone!

LEVI’S x Attack on Titan Coaches Jacket

The coaches jacket is one of the most popular items in the Levi’s x Attack on Titan collection for good reason. With a slim-fitting silhouette and an authentic Levi’s denim construction, this jacket is truly one of a kind. Instead of featuring a plain design. The jacket’s fabric is decorated with an intricate embroidery pattern inspired by the Attack on Titan series. What’s more, this pattern is infused with Levi’s famous “blue” color, making it a perfect choice for fans of both brands. The coaches jacket retails for €199.90, or approximately $220.

LEVI’S x Attack on Titan Collab Trousers

The Attack on Titan collaboration is perhaps best-known for its pants. Unlike the standard Levi’s 5-pocket design. These pants feature a unique print pattern and a futuristic design that is not often seen in Levi’s collections. When worn, these pants create a laid-back aesthetic and are perfect for any casual occasion. These Levi’s x AOT trousers come in three different color variations: blue, grey, and black. The price for each pair is €149.90, or $159.

LEVI’S x AOT Coated Short-Sleeve Tee

For those who want to add a pop of color to their wardrobe. The coated short-sleeve tee is a fantastic option. This shirt features the same blue embroidery pattern found on the coach’s jacket, and it is designed to last through countless washes. Additionally, the shirt comes with a thin coating of water-repellent material. Making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or cycling. The coated short-sleeve tee is available in blue and black and retails for €89.90, or $99.

LEVI’S x AOT Coated Zip-Hoodie

The coated zip-hoodie is the most luxurious item in Levi’s x Attack on Titan collection. The jacket is crafted with a soft cotton fabric and lined with a warm and soft fleece material, making it perfect for all weather conditions. What’s more, the jacket features several pockets and a large, front-facing zipper to keep wearers warm and stylish throughout the fall and winter months. The coated zip-hoodie is available in blue and black and retails for €129.90, or $149.


All in all, Levi’s x Attack on Titan collection was a huge success for both brands. Not only did the collaboration bring in a new type of customer. But it also generated an incredible amount of revenue. Indeed, the Levi x AOT collection sold out almost instantly upon its release, leading many customers to place re-order requests and wait for the items to become restocked. And while Levi’s is unlikely to collaborate with another anime series anytime soon. Their Attack on Titan collaboration is one fans will remember for years to come. For more information about this or other fashion and clothing topics, visit our website and read our blog articles!

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