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Neil Young’s Net Worth | Age and What He’s Doing Now

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In the last few decades, no musician has been as synonymous with the word “authentic” as Neil Young and know about Neil Young’s Net Worth. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is one of those musicians who seems to operate on a different wavelength than everyone else. With his unkempt hair and scraggly beard, he almost looks like an old-timey prospector, but his lyrics have always reflected a deep insight into human nature and our relationship with technology. That’s probably why so many people are surprised to learn that Neil Young is also one of the richest musicians in the world. After years of touring and recording, Young has accumulated a net worth in excess of $200 million. But what exactly has allowed him to amass such a fortune? Let’s take a look…

Neil Young’s Early Life and Career

Neil Percival Young was born on November 12, 1945 in Toronto, Ontario. His father was a Canadian who had been in the armed forces, while his mother was an American, who had grown up in a rich Southern family. The family moved to northern California when Neil was just two years old, and he has lived there ever since. Young’s first musical endeavors were in folk music. He was a significant figure in the California folk revival and played in a number of bands. His most successful band was the folk group the Squires, which he founded in his teens.

The group played a number of concerts, and even released an album, but they broke up before they could find commercial success. Young’s first major breakthrough came in 1966 when he released his first solo album, “Neil Young.” The album was widely praised by music critics, and Rolling Stone declared it to be the Album of the Year. His next two releases, “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” and “After the Gold Rush,” were even more successful, and established Young as an iconic songwriter.

New Technology is a constant theme in Neil Young’s Music

Neil Young has made a lot of money as a musician in his career, but he also seems to have a lot of disdain for the industry as a whole. This is especially true when it comes to new technology. Neil Young has been one of the most outspoken critics of digital music, and he even famously recorded an album in 2014 that he intended to be “an analog album,” just to prove a point. On that album, he included the song “Who Owns This Man,” which was a thinly veiled critique of the entire music industry.

Young’s distaste for new technology goes back a lot further than just the digital era. In fact, he has been railing against certain technologies for decades. In his 1990 album “Ragged Glory,” Young made his clearest statement about his distrust of new technology to date. The title track, which was the 10th song on the album, was nothing less than an assault on the suburban lifestyle. With lyrics like “City, dwellers stay at home. Country folk go for a walk. Stay out in the sunlight,” it is clear that Young does not respect people who prefer the indoors.

Neil Young is a Co-founder of Reputable Streaming Platform PONGO

Young has been involved in the music business his entire career, so it’s only natural that he would venture off into new industries when he gets bored. One such industry is the world of podcasting. In 2016, Young co-founded a podcasting network called PONGO. The network has hosted a number of big-name podcasts such as “WTF with Marc Maron,” and “The Tim Ferriss Show,” and it has been a success since its inception. So much so, in fact, that the company has just received a $6 million investment. The money will be used to expand the podcasting network, and it is expected to raise PONGO’s valuation to over $100 million.

Neil Young’s Band: The Commodores

In 1988, Neil Young formed a new band called the Commodores. The band was wildly successful, with their first three albums all reaching No. 1 on the charts. Unfortunately, the band was unable to maintain its early success. Their fourth album, “Greatest Hits,” was a compilation of the band’s previous three albums. As such, it didn’t generate any new interest in the band, and their fifth album “We Are the People” was a commercial disappointment. Young also had trouble keeping the band together on a personal level. The band’s original keyboardist, Billy Talbot, was forced out of the group in 1995. He was replaced by Tim Drummond, who had played with Young in the past. However, Drummond was forced out of the group in 2001, and replaced by Waddy Wachtel. The band officially disbanded in 2003.

Net Worth of Neil Young

Neil Young has been a musician since the 1960s. He has released dozens of albums and played thousands of concerts. As such, it is no surprise that his net worth is in the hundreds of millions. Young’s net worth is estimated to be $200 million. Young’s main source of income is touring. His concerts are legendary for their length, and Young seems to be able to tour without ever getting tired. However, he also earns significant sums from his music publishing royalties. That’s not to say that Young is completely content with his current position. He is currently 64 years old, which is relatively old for a touring musician. Young has stated that he still plans to tour until “they have to carry [him] off the stage.”


Neil Young has been a successful musician for five decades, and he shows no signs of slowing down. His latest album, “Paradox,” is another success, and he has been touring on and off for the last few years. Young has also been involved in a number of different industries, from podcasting to commercial real estate. Although he is not involved in every industry, like a true artist. He seems to have a natural distaste for most of them. Young has been a successful musician for so long because he does things his own way. Whether he is railing against the music industry in his lyrics or co-founding a podcasting network, he always seems to do things with a unique, artistic flair.

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