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What Does an Event Management Platform Do?

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Event management platforms are everywhere, most event planners and organizers prefer to use event management platforms to manage their events and even plan their events. You are wondering what these platforms can do for your event and how they can enhance your event. In this article we have listed eight things that event platforms can do for your event.

Here Is What An Event Management Platform Can Do For Your Event

1. Manage Attendees

There are various aspects of the event that event management platforms help with. To begin with, event management platforms manage all your event attendees. It is easy to manage all your attendees on the same platform. Your attendees can generate revenue for your event. There are a lot of attendees who take part in the event and sometimes managing them together can be challenging in that case you should always choose event management platforms.

These platforms have various features that can help you effectively keep an eye on your event and attendees. With the help of event management software, you can keep a count of the number of attendees, you can track a user journey, and can manage the queries of a lot of attendees at the same time.

2. Help With Event Ticketing

The next thing that an event management platform can do is help you manage ticket sales for the event. Ticketing is an important part of any event. And managing ticketing with the event app will make the process simply because you won’t need different platforms for managing your attendees and ticketing. Choose an event ticketing platform that offers WhatsApp automation features so that you can easily manage all your event ticket sales with a WhatsApp text.

Event ticketing can become an effortless process with the help of any event management platform. These platforms provide digital tickets for the event and which is cost-effective because it doesn’t involve any paper and printing. These event management platforms are not just economical but also support the environment.

3. Enhance the Registration Process

You know event registrations are crucial when you are hosting any kind of event. These event management platforms can help you with online event registration. Your attendees can register for the event online either directly through your website or can use WhatsApp business automation to enhance the process of your registration.

With an event management platform, you can make the process of registration easy. You can customize the process of registration and registration forms according to your attendees. With customization, you can connect with your audience in a better way. Make sure you do the proper branding of your event registration page. Make your registration form attractive and to the point. Ask for all the necessary information but don’t add irrelevant details. Event management platforms have templates for the registration form which makes it easier to create the registration forms.

4. Create a Customized User Experience

Customization is the best part of an event management platform. You can customize your event according to your event and the user’s needs. With customization, you can create a better user experience.

Every event organizer and event planner wants to create something to stand out. So when you are selecting an event management platform you should always look for customization features.

With customization you can do a lot, you can decide the look of your registration form, create your platform interface for your event, and you can also do the branding of the event the way you want.

5. Support Easy Check-ins

Check-in is the next thing that your event management platform can do for your event. With an event management platform, you can remove all the paperwork and make the process essay for the attendees.

They don’t have to wait at the counter and go through the process of check-in. They can easily scan the QR and enter the event easily. And with the help of these QR-based check-ins, it becomes easier to track your attendees, you will know the exact count of your attendees.

6. Provide Microsite And Mobile Event App

The event management platform helps in building a microsite and a dedicated mobile event app to make the process of event management and planning more manageable. These event platforms have templates that can help you create a microsite for the event. You can choose the template and do all the required branding and customization for the microsite.

A mobile app for the event can help you manage your event with just a click. You can also just create an event registration app to facilitate the process of registration. Mobile event apps and microsites are a great way to brand your event, so look for the platforms that provide you with an option to create your app and microsite.

7. Networking Opportunity

You know that networking is important for events, most of the attendees join the event with the goal of networking, and event management platforms provide that networking opportunity. Event management platforms have private rooms for one-to-one conversation, they allow participants to exchange business cards for networking, and event management platforms also enhance the engagement among the attendees.

8. Support Integration

If you want to use CRM and social media integration for the event, management platforms can also do that. Event management platforms can integrate with social media so that you can also share your event on different social media platforms. Social media bring a lot of engagement so it is always a good idea to integrate your event with social media challenges, and if you want to use third-party platforms for engagement you do that too with event management platforms.

The Bottom Line

The event management platform can do a lot for your event. These event platforms are the perfect all-in-one space to manage your event. You can manage all parts of your event with these platforms. These platforms also have an option of creating a customized mobile event app that can also enhance the management process of the event. Look for an event management platform that can meet your expectations and host your next event.

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