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When Does Derek Die on Grey’s Anatomy ?

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Grey’s Anatomy has a history of killing off major characters. It’s practically their signature move at this point. Viewers know to expect the unexpected when it comes to this show and no one is safe from the chopping block, not even the lead characters. So, if you’re a fan of Derek Shepherd, you better prepare yourself because he doesn’t have a very good chance of surviving this season. The latest trailer for the upcoming season dropped yesterday and if you look closely, there are only two shots that feature Derek in them. And that should be enough to scare anyone who is a fan of his character. But don’t worry; we have all the details on when Derek dies on Grey’s Anatomy so you can get prepared!

What Happened in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Trailer?

The trailer for the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy dropped yesterday, and it definitely did not paint a pretty picture for fans of Dr. Derek Shepherd. As previously mentioned, Derek appears in only two shots in the entire trailer. The first is of him crying at the bedside of a patient. The patient, though, looks completely healthy – not at all like someone who is dying. And in the second shot, we see Derek standing in the middle of a crowd of other doctors. And honestly, he looks a bit lost.

For those of you who don’t know much about Derek, he is the Chief of Neurosurgical at Seattle Grace Hospital, and he is usually the one who is guiding the other doctors through their surgeries. If he’s lost in a crowd, something must be terribly wrong to shake him from his normal confident state. And that’s not all; they also managed to scare their viewers with a brief shot of Meredith screaming in the operating room. So, we’re pretty sure that Derek dies at the end of Grey’s Anatomy Season 14.

Who Will Die on Grey’s Anatomy?

So, if Derek Shepherd dies at the end of Season 14, who else might die with him? We know that this is Grey’s Anatomy, so no one is safe from death. There are a few notable characters that die every season on this show and we believe that a couple of them will kick the bucket this year.

The most likely candidate is Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Her relationship with Derek has been rocky ever since she first appeared on the scene, and she is one of the most prominent surgeons in the medical field. If one of them has to die, it makes the most sense to kill her since her death would have a huge impact on the hospital. Dr. April Kepner is also a strong possibility. She’s the Chief of Gynecological Surgery and thus, is an important character. Plus, she’s also one of Derek’s best friends, meaning that it would hurt him even more to lose her.

When Does Derek Die on Grey’s Anatomy?

If you’re wondering when Derek dies on Grey’s Anatomy, we can’t tell you that for certain. We can, however, tell you what we think the most likely time frame is. If you look at how the show has progressed in the past, it’s usually a safe bet to assume that the season finale will either feature or end with someone’s death. So, we predict that Derek’s death will occur during the season finale – which is the last episode of the season. We also think that he will die trying to save someone else. The trailer already gave us a taste of what a Derek death could look like. So, while there are many theories out there, we think that this is the most likely outcome.

Why Is Derek Dead at the End of Grey’s Anatomy?

Derek has been through a lot in his lifetime. He lost his mother when he was still a child, and he has struggled with the loss of loved ones throughout his life. So, it’s entirely possible that he just couldn’t handle another death on his conscience and decided to take the easy way out. Plus, this would make for a good story for his children one day. It makes sense for him to die saving someone else. After all, that’s what he has always done. His life has been devoted to saving others, and we believe that his final moments will be no different.

How Did Dr. Derek Shepherd Die on Grey’s Anatomy?

It’s always interesting to imagine how different people die. In the case of Derek, we like to think that he died saving someone else. That would be a poetic way to go out. And it would also explain why he died in the operating room since that is where he spends most of his time anyway. We also think that Derek will die after saving someone he loves – likely Meredith. If you look closely at the trailer, it looks like Meredith is the patient that he is crying over. And the fact that it’s an emotionally charged scene could indicate that he’s losing her – which would make it that much easier for him to end his life after that.

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